Popular programming languages One of the most common questions asked in the programming world, is what language should I learn first. Unless you have a certain task you want to do, Python is a great place to start, very english like language with an extensive library. If you are not sure between Python 2 and Python 3, pick python 2 because most textbooks and tutorials use Python 2. Another language to learn to start off with is HTML, even though is not truly a language, you can embed other languages in it using CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or even create Java applets. Theres no probelm starting learning off C or a languaged based off C like Java. As a high school student Java is a great place to start since AP Computer Science A is based off of this language.
For the python link, they suggest using certain text editor depending what your operating system is, it doesn't make a difference if you use their suggested text editor or not, other than the color in the pictures should be same in your code, which could be helpful.

Here is a of links of resources to use

  1. Link for Python IDLE
  2. Learning HTML
  3. Learning HTML and CSS
  4. Learnging JavaScript
  5. Learning Python

Using these links can be very helpful, there are plenty of other websites to chose from to help you learn a certain language. We highly suggest you also buy a text book for that language if you really want to learn it thoroughly. To find a quality books, simply google the language you want to learn, and links to textbooks should appear. Look at the reviews and see which one fits you the best.